Myths about smoking Cigar


Smoking cigar, like cigarettes, is the most popular past time to millions of people in the world.  Credits have been to it’s being an effortless and easy way of doing it.  You don’t need to go to a certain place, to get its benefits.  Because of its popularity, many stories go around regarding its benefits and bad effects.  Some of them are justified, as a result of many types of research.  But, others are just pure myths, passed through generation.


Some myths about smoking cigar

  1. Cigars taste the same. Many people believed that smoking 2 or 3 cigars would result in the same satisfaction and tastes.  Cigars are made from an agricultural product.  They are handmade, with a variation of different types of tobacco and other ingredients.  It will be next to impossible, to be able to produce two cigars, with the same taste.
  2. Cigar tastes better as it aged. There is the belief that cigar, like wine, will taste better as it age. It is not true at all.  Cigar industry makes it sure that their products retain its taste over the years. There may be a little change in the taste, but, cigar enthusiasts said, that it is a very minimal changed, that you even cannot notice.
  3. Cigar while smoking must be held in the mouth. Another myth is to hold the cigar between your lips, the whole time while smoking it. They think this is the best way, to be able to enjoy it.  But, the truth is, you have to put in your mouth when you puff it and holding it back away from your mouth, after every puffing.  Enjoy it with a stronger beverage.
  4. Dipping cigar in alcohol will improve its taste. Dipping cigar in alcohol, will not in any way improve its taste.
  5. Limit yourself to one brand. As many people keep saying that you must have to limit yourself to one brand of cigar, it is not true at all. You can try the many varieties in the market and experience the benefits it gives.
  6. You should smoke what everyone smokes. You don’t have to smoke a cigar, the way your boss does.  If you think you are not yet ready to smoke a cigar, wait until you are ready to do so.
  7. Inhale the smoke of a cigar. Cigar smoke should not be inhaled like that of a cigarette. The tobacco is stronger than the regular cigarette that you are used to.


Cigar and cigarettes are both fun to try with.  They both bring benefits to its users in some ways. But, bringing the most of it, requires great awareness and proper storage. Visit for more information.


Cigar too is known to bring the same risks that a cigarette brings. Studies have been made, and they all gave the same result.  Cigar and cigarettes will lead to different kinds of cancers and other fatal diseases.  It contributed to the millions of death in the whole world every year.


So, whatever your stand on this, whether you will continue to smoke cigar or cigarette, it is your call.


How To Smoke a Cigar


Nobody is just a cigar fan, and illuminating can in fact be considered a somewhat complicated exercise until you’ve reviewed several stogies before.

Certain, about the simplest degree it appears fairly simple — you light pull about the finish that’s, and the finish that isn’t inside your mouth. But it’s nearly that simple. You will find delicate norms and conferences that cigar smokers often follow, and nobody really wants to seem like everybody begins illuminating and a greenhorn once the humidor arrives while you most likely won’t be ridiculed for being unsure of them.

Consequently, appear to be you really understand what you’re performing and to assist you jump right in, we’ve come up with this fast-research manual on the best way to smoke a cigar correctly. Follow these guidelines, and not just are you going to seem like you’ve completed this before ; obtain a smoking knowledge that is more fun. Here’s all you need to understand:

Choosing Your Cigar

To begin with, before you need to do other things, we recommend you check our extensive Manual out . It’ll provide you with the lowdown about the various kinds of pipes you’re prone help you to get a much better concept of what kind you may appreciate, as well as to experience. You want the best humidor aslo.

Next, thinking about purchasing a cigar and if you’re in a shop, a pile of money simply throw-down and presume the priciest choice is a one that is great. Top quality is usually meant by high-price doesn’t, so that as a noob, you most likely won’t have the ability to enjoy all of the unique aspects of a cigar that is fine anyway. Simply choose anything middle-collection that appears like a workable size for you personally.

If they’d actually going for a deeper look alternately, if you’re looking into a friend humidor, question them. When they provide you with the go ahead, get a few good looking types and provide a mild move between your fingertips to each one of these. Should you feel delicate places or any mounds, move ahead. A properly-built cigar may have a regularly firm consistency throughout its body.

Cutting on Your Cigar

Before you illuminate, you have to cut on the finish of the cigar. The easiest way to complete it’s having a purpose built cigar clipper. Reducing it having a blade is appropriate only when you don’t possess a clipper useful, and biting on off the finish ought to be prevented no matter what. Having a fast, powerful movement, cut the finish off for outcomes. This can assist you to prevent ripping, and eventually result in a smoking knowledge that is better.

Having said that, with what you’ve got you’ve gotta work, therefore simply chew the sonofabitch if you’re in a pinch have any resources. A poorly- slice cigar beats at no cigar at-all!

Your Cigar

You’ve got lots of choices below, but there is a torch light the greatest option. Wooden suits will even function, but to maintain lit for lengthy amounts of time, making them an undesirable decision for novices. Alternately, regular cigarette lighters can get the task because so many specialists declare they are able to affect the taste of the cigarette completed, but ought to be prevented if at all possible.

No real matter what you utilize, begin by putting the end above the fire and keeping the cigar inside your fingers. Enthusiasts may let you know that attaching on it straight within the fire damages the taste, but like a novice, you most likely won’t spot the distinction. Simply do the thing you need to complete to lighting the dam — but don’t smoke onto it however. You wish to burn the finish to kind of “prime” the cigarette before you place it inside your mouth. Rewrite around it while you light to ensure you receive a level burn, and when you can observe a little of a red shine, you’re prepared to smoke.

Once you’ve got the end prepared and prepared, place inside your mouth and begin smoking. Don’t breathe the smoking. You’ll probable crack and cough and appear just like a buffoon should you choose. Unsure just how to smoke? Here’s the key: don’t attract atmosphere together with your diaphragm — you’re that is imagine drawing anything via a hay. Simply load up the mouth area with smoking after which hit it out. Do that 4 or 5 occasions (perhaps more) till your cigar begins creating heavy white smoke.

At this time, you are able to decelerate. Your cigar is adequately illuminated, and certainly will burn for some time by itself, therefore smoking that is continuous is pointless. To maintain it smoking good and illuminated, have two or a pull so or about once every moment. Relax, and revel in the smoke’s taste. A competition is isn’ted by this! With respect to one’s stogie’s dimension, smoking it will consider everywhere from half an hour to 2 hours.

Conferences, Guidelines, Methods

Eliminating the tag that is cigar’s is just an issue of individual choice. Some men would rather still do it away, yet others prefer to abandon it on for the smoking session’s length. This really is your decision, but we recommend making it on for some moments first when you wish to take it off. The glue may release be less inclined to harm the cigar’s cover whenever you go down.

Your cigar will quickly create a mind of ash about the suggestion while you smoke. That you don’t have to touch down this as if you might having a smoke. Feel free to depart it therefor some time. There is just a large ash an indication of the quality — but don’t allow it to get super-long both. An excessive amount of ash about the finish may prevent ventilation, which also influences the taste, and makes to cigarette burn irregularly. Do not allow it get an inchapproximately, when it is ashed by you, don’t touch off it while it might having a smoke — lightly move about the ashtray till it fails down.

First Pipes

Welcome for your pastime that is new. As you’re seeking to pick your first pipes out, we’re pleased to give a several tips to obtain the basketball — or cigar — moving. It’s likewise very important to break-away in the tips of others to test out a number of pipes and create your personal views and preferences although we shall provide the titles of the few moderate cigarettes. The very first dozen pipes you attempt, poor or great, will probably be the absolute most enjoyment as you begin to distinguish between cigar kinds that are various and those attract you. Here are before going on your personal some you may contemplate

The Best Humidors For Cigars


You can’t purchases an actual cigar humidor but every single day individuals attempt to get it done. You have probably performed on a single. Rather than the mattress of standing that was costly, the desk was created using a page of plywood. Following so or a year, only a little humidity experienced the timber, and also the – desk that was level started to bow-like the II’s bottom. Break the stand up, and also the balls run following the final bell like companies towards the rails. For more reviews visit Cigar Humidor Guy.
There is a large amount of likeness within the humidor marketplace. Fall a few dollars on the K Mart-degree design, and you will be unhappy. Buy the quality item, and you will possess a cherished spot to maintain your pipes for a long time in the future, and maybe actually spread to 1 of one’s kids.
Humidors that were purchasing was previously relatively easy. A number have been only of producers with titles that are common. The businesses have been for a long time, and also you virtually understood things to anticipate from each regarding quality and price. Your hardest choice possibly chose the conclusion.
Toss that situation out the screen. The humidor growth was produced by the cigar boom. Abruptly every builder cabinetmaker or storage tool jockey appears to be producing one. There have been 11 versions, from ten producers, when Aficionado ranked humidors within the problem. In the tradeshow for that Retail Tobacco seller of America, displays outnumbered cigar shows, 105 to 96 last July. Nowadays, humidors wink from magazines and paper advertisements, plus office shop windows are decorated by them. A few of the fresh choices have a guarantee. Many do not.
To straighten out the distress and create some feeling of the packed marketplace, Cigar Aficionado examined 42 desktop humidors varying from $100 to $ 2 in cost. We approached import-ers producers and requested them to deliver us A – 100-cigar capability design for the check. Each organization involved alongside whichever directions and accessories are regular gear, the humidification method that accompanies its item. Whenever we obtained the humidors, we gradually altered their moisture amounts to obtain them prepared to store pipes (notice “Seasoning a Humidor,” page 367). They were subsequently picked by us with five pipes each. We held every item within the same space, for six months, underneath the same problems. We documented the moisture ranges supervised their efficiency utilizing the same electronic hygrometer and analyzed the health of the pipes each week.
We included distilled water towards the humidification process whenever a humidor was also dried. We included five pipes to try and digest the surplus moisture whenever a humidor was also damp. Any change was mentioned. At the test’s conclusion, a cell of publishers analyzed the humidors each and ranked them regarding building, style, elegance, and efficiency. The worthiness was taken into account when ranking each item.

Beautifully designed, with exotic inlays and beautiful marquetry, the Bleu is almost ideal. It is difficult to find a drawback below, apart from its dimension. 100 pipes will not be held by this. But anything you place in below only will come to life. Your pipes were ideal and smooth through the check, pleading to become reviewed. The Orange humidifier, which has flexible ports, is just a perfect, reduced-preservation program. This humidor’s building is without an expert. It is a task to obtain the seam where the cover matches with the container. Every aspect is top notch, using feel seal and its tassels in the unique and stylish hygrometer towards the heavy key. Not inexpensive. However, the greatest never is.

This humidor shouts for the interest. Energetic veneers provide it the impression of level and movement, plus a fantastic sparkle. The building is top notch out and inside, and our pipes were stored through the check in a good situation. Expecting the magnet keeping the Credo might drop in the within the cover, the maker produced steel container and a plank dress-it-up as well, and to put on the Credo in position. The steel grid, nevertheless, is just a tad also commercial, and issues using the humidor style. The container might take advantage of a hygrometer along with a lock. However, it wins factors to be among the several that involved correct seasoning directions. A stunning item with exceptional performance.

What Is a Cigar Humidor?


A humidor is a space or any box with humidity that is continuous which is used to cigarettes store cigars, or pipe tobacco. For private use, little wood containers keeping a few dozen cigars are frequent, while cigar retailers might have walk in humidors. Humidors may be employed to sustain constant humidity level for other items; the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball group retailers sports balls in a big humidor at their home stadium, Coors Field, to counter-act the results of the low-humidity of Denver. Humidors use their humidity ranges to be monitored by hygrometers.

Every time we see a film we see one point around the location: treasure chests. Each is half-buried in sand and cracked open just a tad to get a glimpse of jewels, pearl necklaces, and all gold that have been pillaged from some enemy. Oh, what I’d give to locate one; but as it seems, I currently have one of these. Heck, most of US do. It’€™s called the humidor, plus it stores a number of our most valued treasures.

Cigars are a fairly significant expense no matter the way you cut it. From $20 bundles to $300 containers, for those who have A – 100 count humidor, you’€™researching in a minimum of several hundred dollars effortlessly when you’€™re fully-stocked. I don’€™t know about you€“ but to me, that’s enough dough. But alas, my cigars are loved by me, I have a fairly good humidor that retains all my small bars of gold secure and also to correctly conserve my expense from drying up and heading negative. And in case you value cigars, you need to get your self-educated about humidors.

Humidors have existed for hundreds of years now but hadn’€™t caught on until the early 1800s when they certainly were produced with solid-wood that was nailed together and highlighted a hinge. These, clearly, were called Nailed Wood Humidors (NW for quick) and were a few of the most fundamental humidors obtainable. This selection is nevertheless common to-day with a few of the high-end choices producing NW humidors. Humidors lock integrated added characteristics for example clasps and became more attractive, and mo-Re intricately created hinges as people with success gained affection towards stories.

Nearly all of these, nevertheless, had one frequent flaw: they certainly weren’t created with Spanish Cedar. We’€™ll get into why that’s crucial later, but let’s just say these containers were more likely to to to put up knick-knacks and crayons as opposed to the high-end rates of today. There were even tiny novelty humidors which were highly intricate, however, had no other objective other than enabling the proprietor to brag to his pals by declaring €œHey, verify out my billing humidor. It’€™s fairly dope. The reality stays that humidors have had an extended background of maintaining cigars secure from simply laying them on a dining table to select up whenever someone needed a smoke. The need to keep cigars guarded gave delivery to some humidor growth of kinds which we are able to credit for the present day humidors of nowadays and was predominant.

Spanish Cedar is essential to creating a correct humidor as I referenced above. It’s this wood that 99.9% of all humidors are produced of for several factors. The first is its aroma that is pleasurable. This scent is a typical flavor and aroma notice and this wood are used by producers to even and age package cigars with before shipping off them. Anyone who’€™s actually purchased an Arturo Fuente will inform you they needed to lose a cedar sleeve before lighting-up. This can be simply to aid infuse the cigar with Cedar to generate your smoke much more flavorful and smoother. Woods like American Cedar or Birch would possess an inclination to over-power your cigar’s normal flavors by infusing all of them with all the aroma from other very aromatic woods.

Spanish Cedar is fantastic at expelling humidity as needed and retaining humidity. We’ve all noticed images of decks and porches created by rookie DIYers with non-strain handled woods that have warped due to large ranges of humidity. This is because once tougher and less porous woods consume water, as well as the temperature, starts changing, the waters can’€™t correctly e-Scape or maneuver around across the pine, mahogany, or other woods utilized, causing them to bend like contortionists. Spanish Cedar seldom succumbs to severe bending and warping as a result of the natural attribute of releasing and absorbing humidity needed. It just-so occurs, by precisely seasoning your humidor, we’re in a position to manage humidity too, give or take, ranging from 65% to€“ 75%, which is ideal for retaining cigars clean and prepared to smoke.

Finally, Spanish Cedar aids repel cigar beetles. These small bastards are over tobacco fields and consume the plant-like it’s the first meal they’ve noticed after fasting 4-0 days for Ramadan. These beetles will lay their eggs on tobacco crops that may hatch only when temperatures get to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and when the humidity amounts achieve around 75%. Spanish Cedar comes in to conserve the day. This wood doesn’t absorb warmth like every other which will keep your cigars fairly great, by being so porous. By maintaining your cigars great, it’ll also keep any rogue eggs which could be rolled into your cigar from hatching from hatching to avoid these tiny blitzkrieging sons of bitches.